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All Things Disney!

I like how Cap is the unofficial ring-leader of the group.

Can we talk about the fact that Nick Fury uses a rocket launcher?

I’m thinking about making a photoset composed of my favorite Disney and non Disney films…

Disney Family Update*

Eugene Fitzherbert has re-opened!

Join my Disney Family today!

(*read rules and details first*)

So, let me get this straight. When Dragonball Evolution, The Last Airbender, and Speed Racer had their cast announcements, everyone complained about whitewashing and saying there needed to be more diversity. Now, with Big Hero 6, the cast has been made much more diverse and people are complaining about how all of the characters aren't Asian like in the comics?


That appears to be so…

tbh I haven’t payed much attention to the white-washing thing because I want to enjoy this movie. Whatever shit BH6 is getting I could care less about it because I don’t really like to get involved in these kind of arguments. Being African American myself it can be a sensitive subject.

I don’t what goes on at WDA but this stuff happens for SOME reason. I’m all for diversity- truly. But I don’t think it’s cool to shit all over a movie because the characters aren’t the right ethnicity- yes, I said it.

I say what really matters is the personalities of the characters and how we could relate to them and connect to them.

(idk how long this was in my inbox because I haven’t checked it in days and I just got back home from vacation today so if I took long to reply- sorry)

Pretty Princesses😍

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Hiro Hamada closet cosplay!

The Big Hero 6 Japanese trailer gave me a lot of emotions (it’s different from the US version; go watch if you haven’t) and I happened to have some similar clothes so this happened

I would like to watch the movie before really pursuing this cosplay but I really am excited, you guysssss

- Jin!

the saviour can’t come this far and not play princess for a day

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I feel like Gogo is going to be the “take no shit” and “I don’t give a fuck” girl.

Walking into your room after a long time away from home and feeling unfamiliar with your surroundings*



Olaf as Disney Villains!!!!!!!

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disney meme: [1/4] princesses » belle (beauty and the beast)
♪ I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell ♪

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